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MPG (miles per gallon) to KPL(kilometers per liter) Calculator

This is a calculator that'll help you to convert miles per gallon to kilometers per liter. If you'd like to convert from kilometers per liter to miles per gallon, select kpl from the drop down.

Paani Da Rang(Pani da Rang) Chords - Vicky Donor, 2012

Song: Pani Da Rang(Paani Da Rang) - Male Version
Language: Punjabi, Hindi
Movie: Vicky Donor, 2012
Singers: Ayushmann Khurrana, Sukanya Purkayastha

Real Estate Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculator along with amortization schedule.

IRS Allowable Expenses for Rental Properties

Rental properties are an excellent source to generate passive income while increasing your net worth. Owning rental properties is a business & IRS allows the landlord to deduct expenses needed to generate the rental income. Income & expenses are generally reported on Schedule E(Supplemental Income & Loss) to the IRS.

Rental Properties vs Stocks

To ask "What is a better investment - Rental Properties or Stocks?" we first have to understand what constitutes a good investment.

Tax Benefits of Rental Properties

Every year millions of landlords pay more taxes on their rental income to the IRS than they have to. Rental real estate is one of very few investments that is treated quite favorably by the IRS. Come tax time, a savvy landlord should at least have a general idea of what can help him reduce his tax bill - depreciation, expenses, mortgage interest - the list is quite long.

Rental Properties for Cash Flow

Rental properties can be an excellent way to build equity, create cash flow & increase net worth with minimal investment. Over the long term rental properties can net anywhere from 3% to 10% in annual return. Done correctly, rental properties can pave the path to financial independence for their landlords.

Why Be A Landlord

Have you read the headlines lately - Record low interest rates, home prices plunge & the economy is going to tank with no signs of recovery in years to come. The news has been pretty depressing over the last couple of years & it seems that there is no respite in terms of the housing market recovering. To add to the gloom, we hear stories of folks being upside down on their mortgages & choosing strategic foreclosure options, seniors loosing the equity they were banking on for retirement, the list is endless.

IPad 3: Free Newsstand, iBooks & Reading Apps for the budding Entrepreneur

Ah! The joy of holding your shiny new IPad 3 & wondering where to find your reading material. The vast world of the Apple App Store beckons you to download your favorite magazines using it's Newsstand subscriptions & books using it's native iBooks interface.

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